Alumni Spotlight

Class of 2010
Mark Beams
Vicksburg Runner Captains the University of Michigan Track Team

Mark Beams is a 2010 Vicksburg High School graduate and a captain of the University of Michigan cross country and track teams. If there ever was an example of perseverance, determination and hard work, Mark is it.

Class of 1994
Larry Needham, III

U.S. Air Force Captain Larry Needham III, a 1994 graduate of Vicksburg High School is assigned to the 438th Air Expeditionary Wing at the Kabul International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, finishing up one-year deployment as a pilot advisor to the Afghan National Army Air Corps.

Class of 2007
Megan Pool

"There's just been a terrorist attack of a 10-ton nuclear device explosion in downtown Indianapolis, and the surviving town on the outskirts needs immediate emergency aid response," was the call that jolted the daughter of a Vicksburg couple into action. 

Class of 1960
Diane Rambow Stevens

Diane has lived in 9 states since she graduated from Vicksburg High School in 1960. She also spent 4 years traveling the United States in a motor home and loved every minute of it. She and her husband designed and built custom computer systems for Boeing Airplane in Seattle, Washington in 1980, which is how she got her first taste of what, a computer could do. 

Class of 1952
Evan and Margot (Gilding) Shick

Evan and Margot are icons in the Vicksburg Community. They have lived here their entire lives. Their family heritage in the community goes back many years. You can't say much about anyone in town without Evan and Margot either knowing them or being related to them (the Munn's, Southworth's, Erwin's, just to mention a few).