After School Programs - Sunset Lake

Vicksburg Community Schools offers a variety of after school activities. All activities are supervised and some charge participation fees. Call the Community Education Office for details at 321-1022.

Due to high demand, some of the programs are available to students on a first come, first-served basis and there is a limit to the number of students who can be served. Be sure to sign up in a timely manner!

Studies show that participation in after school programs increases students' attachment to their schools, improves test scores, and keeps kids out of trouble. Activities vary by school, but all have these components in their programs:

Enriching Activities: Dance, drama, crafts, or sports- there is plenty of fun to go around. Classes or activities are designed to expose your child to learning opportunities that are not available during the school day. The goal? To help each child become a more well rounded person.

Sports and Games: There is some sort of sports program at each level in the District and they are open to all students after school. For those not interested in organized sports, there are other games and activities to provide an outlet for all that energy!

Social Activities: Each program is designed to provide a fun social environment for students, with clubs, games, and activities. Students are encouraged to socialize with each other as well as with mentoring adults.