Course Descriptions

Vicksburg Community Schools Virtual


Course Descriptions:


National Park Enrichment:  This course teaches students about National Parks and forestry.  Students will be guided through a series of activities in which they earn a badge for each set.  There are 61 sets of activities for the entire program. The virtual tool used in this class is the Webranger online portal provided by the National Park Service.


Keyboarding:  Keyboarding offers both beginner and intermediate levels of typing.  Each student will be assigned a level according to age. In order to receive credit for this class, the 12 or 14 lessons of the regular program must be completed by the end of the semester, then enroll in one of the other programs offered in our virtual tool, currently Typing Quest Online.  


World Language:  This class has a focus in studying one of several foreign language options available through the virtual tools applied in the class of either Rosetta Stone, Rosetta Stone Jr., Duolingo, Odysseyware, and / or Kahn Academy online courses.  Consistent participation and progress is expected for all participants even though a varied pace for each student may exist.


Communication Skills Enrichment:  This class focuses on the varying ways of improving our communication skills in a variety of elements.  The application of various virtual tools, including ABC Mouse, Brainzy, and / or Synergy Group software, allows for the students to enrich skills and learn new modes of communication throughout. 


Music Theory Enrichment:  This course is a very effective, yet fun environment for students to develop music theory and practice through engaging activities.  The website, Music Learning Community, contains hundreds of learning games of varying levels, all carefully planned to gain mastery of the elements of music theory, ear training and rhythmic skills in an exciting, challenging environment.    


Odysseyware / Khan Elective Courses


Current Events:  This program features nonfiction articles with quizzes for grades 3rd - 12th.  Reading levels can be adjusted within five different levels while keeping the same content.  Progress is tracked and recorded. Three new news articles are added daily to their database of thousands.  The study of these nonfiction, current event articles is implemented through the virtual tool of Newsela.  


Health and Fitness Enrichment:  Through the application of various virtual resources, including Schoology, Odysseyware and / or Khan Academy, students get to not only keep activity and exercise logs, but also learn about several issues surrounding health and fitness. 


Computer Coding Experience:  An advanced version of coding for our Junior High and High School students.  Course choices through our virtual course provider, Simply Coding, include Java Script Game Design 1 and 2, Python Multiplayer Adventure, Intro to Java, Android Apps in Java.  


Essentials in Business:  A course based on a variety of different virtual resources, including Schoology and / or Odysseyware, which teaches and encourages students to explore the world of business and publications.  A variety of projects, case studies, and activities bring students through different principles of general business.  


SAT / ACT Review:  A course based on the virtual resources of Khan Academy that provides an in depth review of test taking skills, styles and questions often seen on the SAT and ACT.  Targeted specifically toward the high school student, this course acts as a good review in preparing for college and college entrance exams. 

Technology Lab Enrichment:  Students focus on sharpening their academic skills through a variety of resources including MIA Academy, Chess Kids, BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., and Arcademics.