About the Foundation


The Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation funds programs that would not otherwise be supported by tax revenues. Teachers and students directly benefit through educational, literary, scientific and extra-curricular activities.

One of the first special projects, the Foundation tackled was providing TVs and VCRs to each school building in the district! And they have have not slowed in their ongoing effort to support teaching and learning opportunities that cannot be obtained through normal district budgets.

Did you know the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation...

Helped construct the Vicksburg Outdoor Education Center?

In 1990 the Foundation partnered with the Kellogg Foundation, Vicksburg Community Schools and the Simpson Paper Company to develop an outdoor science education center on a 6-acre site that was once the site of a one-room schoolhouse. 

Completed in 1993, what we now know as the Vicksburg Outdoor Education Center was originally called the "Water Partners Project." This innovative educational solution has allowed thousands of Vicksburg students to experience the natural beauty and science of the Barton Lake Wetland area.

Helped purchase a Steinway Grand Piano for the Performing Arts Center?

The Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation, along with many private donations from the community and local businesses, not only made it possible for students to play one of the worlds best pianos, but this donation has allowed audiences of the Performing Arts Center to enjoy keyboard performances from the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra and featured performers from the Gilmore Keyboard Festival. Additionally, the foundation provided an acoustic backdrop for the stage which aids in voice and music projection as well as balancing and tuning the acoustics in the room for recording quality audio!

Provides school supplies and backpacks to under-privileged children in the District?

A child needs the right tools to succeed. The Foundation, in partnership with the Village of Vicksburg and the Vicksburg Rotary, ensures that students throughout the District, when in need, get the supplies required for success.

Makes Grants available to students?

Yes, under a program called the Curiosity Grants, students are awarded amounts of $50 - $250 for education and creative endeavors. For more information see our Grants for Students page.

Provides College scholarships to Vicksburg High School Seniors?

Yes, there are varying scholarships offered to graduating seniors in the amounts of $500 to $2,500. Many of these scholarship funds are memorials that have been created in the name of a local citizen who has passed away. For additional information, visit the Scholarships page.

Has made it possible for Vicksburg students to have the technology needed for a world-class education?

The Foundation has funded the purchase of specialized equipment to encourage innovative learning. Here is how some of that money was used:

  • Math - Overhead Projectors
  • Interwrite® Pads, a Bluetooth-enabled, wireless pad features that gives educators the ability to teach interactive lessons from anywhere in the classroom.
  • A wireless Audience Response system that permits instant polling and quizzing of students
  • Kid Pix Multi-media Tools
  • iMac Computer Video production and editing system
  • Ceramic Kiln
  • Film studio quality lighting system
  • Digital Laboratory measuring devices and electronic scales
  • Multi-media, computer driven, digital projectors

Help Support our Efforts

Your Tax deductible contribution can be made to the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation by check, money order, a major credit card or, in some cases, by payroll deduction. For specific details contact Tamara Young @ (269) 321-1006.