Curiosity Grants

The Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation has a program that allows students from any grade level, to apply for a special grant that would support innovation. Grants generally range in amounts from $50.00 to $250.00. It is possible however, that projects may be considered for a larger amount, if funding allows.

2017-2018 Grant Recipients


The Board approved four student grants, for a total of $944.40. 

Mrs. Haring’s 4th grade class - $250.00 to purchase books to form a Book Club at Indian Lake Elementary

Kyla Childs - $300.00 to retain the Critchlow Alligator Farm Exhibit for the annual VMS Science Night.  Adult mentor: Mrs. JoEllen Pollack

Summer Painter - Awarded $155.00 to attend the spring 2018 HOSA Conference in Grand Rapids.  Adult mentors: Dr. Noreen Heikes and Mr. Andrew Lothschutz

Mrs. Guerrero’s Kindergarten Class - “Swept Away” request was given $239.40 to purchase dustpans and brooms to keep the Sunset Lake playground clean of debris!  

Grant Guidelines

Grants must be for educational purposes and we encourage creativity. 

High School/Middle School group applicants must submit individual grant applications and appoint one student as the contact who will also submit a summary giving details of total funds requested, etc. Funding for trips, club trips, or competitions submitted by teachers/mentors will not be considered, with the exception of elementary age applicants who will be permitted to have the teacher/mentor as a lead in their project and the application process. Funding to attend camps will not be considered. 

Applicants may apply each year, however, previous year recipients may receive lower priority in the allocation of grant funds. (The VCSF reserves the right to fund any special request throughout the year.) 

If the project is not completed, award monies will be returned to the VCSF. Equipment purchases entirely with grant monies will become the property of Vicksburg Community Schools. Partially funded equipment purchases will be discussed with the applicant prior to grant award for clarification of ownership. Instructions will be given on how to secure the release of the grant award depending upon the project proposed.

How to Apply


  • Download an application. Complete instructions on the application process are included with each application form.
  • You can also obtain an application at the Foundation office located at the Assistant Superintendent's office, in the Administration Building, or
  • Call Beth O'Roark @ (269) 321-1006