Bardeen Teacher Incentive Grants

The Teacher Incentive Grant Program has been supporting special teacher training, high tech equipment and unique innovative programs at Vicksburg Community Schools since 1986. 

The purpose of this grant is to fund individual research and personal/professional development activities that will result in new teaching and learning practices. The grant can also be used to purchase materials necessary for implementation of creative and innovative teaching and learning practices where those materials are outside of the scope of normal curriculum materials, supplies or equipment supplied by the District. 

The Grant's name is an acknowledgment of the contributions of Maxwell Bardeen. Max was the longtime General Manager of Vicksburg's Lee Paper Company, one of the founders of the Vicksburg Foundation and the Western Michigan University Paper Science & Engineering Department. He was a pilot who also helped start-up the High on Kalamazoo Air Show and a champion of the Vicksburg Community Schools and Vicksburg Teachers. 

In 1994 when Maxwell Bardeen passed away, both the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation and the Vicksburg Foundation voted to expand their support of the Teacher Incentive Grant Program. In acknowledging Max Bardeen and his family as founders of the program, it was officially renamed the Bardeen Teacher Incentive Grant Program. Simultaneously, the Vicksburg Foundation made a five year renewable commitment to the fund and increased their annual donation from $7,500 to $10,000. The Vicksburg Community Schools is grateful to Max Bardeen for his vision and long-standing commitment to the students and teachers of Vicksburg. We are also grateful to the Vicksburg Foundation for supporting teacher innovation and excellence. 

The Vicksburg Foundation makes grant funding available in the amount of $10,000 each year. Grant awards are generally limited to $1,000 each although exceptions may be considered based upon the merit of the project proposal and funding availability. That amount may be supplemented by District or private funds.

Grant Guidelines

Expenditures for meals and mileage should fall within District guidelines (meals that are included in conference registration cost would be an exception). 

Teaches may include expenses for equipment, supplies and materials; however, all items purchased with grant funds become the property of the District. 

Individual teachers may apply each year; however, previous year recipients may receive lower priority in the allocation of grant funds. (The VCSF reserves the right to fund any special funding request throughout the year.) 

The Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation Allocations Committee reserves the right to recommend funding for a portion of a grant request.

How to Apply

Bardeen Teacher Incentive Grant forms are available in each school office.  The application is also available for download, see link below. If you have any questions, please call Beth O'Roark @ (269) 321-1006.

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted annually and due by March 1st.

PDF DocumentDownload Application

2018 Grant Recipients

Terri Negri and Margo Staunton - Attended the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Chicago, IL.  

Laura Chang - Received  a QBall Throwable Microphone, Tech Tub and an Apple iPad.  The QBall is a soft, tossable microphone which gives everyone in the class a chance to participate and have a voice.  

Allison Lamers and Jennifer Rodas - Attended the 2018 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) workshop and convention in New Orleans, LA.  

Dustin Morris - Attended the Michigan School Vocal Music Association’s summer workshop.  This three day workshop included sessions presented by master teachers, which also featured understanding vocal pedagogy, resonance and new vocal techniques.

Ben Rosier and Ravenna Kahler - A wireless sound system, antennas, microphone and a metronome was acquired for the Marching Band program.

Leslie Trayers – Implementing flexible seating options to create a more welcoming classroom space, as well as allowing students to sit, stand, or lay down while they are working.  

Lorrie Jancarz - Two Graphing Calculators were purchased for the VHS Seminar classroom.  

Angela Spanhak  - Tobey Elementary has a new comfort room for students to retreat to when they are feeling upset, frustrated or need a break from their current setting.  Items purchased for the comfort room: body sock, kinetic sand, weighted blanket and other therapeutic accessories.

Michael Barwegen, Amie McCaw and Ruth Hook - Peer Mediation training for selected students in all elementary schools in fall of 2018.  The grant will cover transportation, lunches and incidentals for the student mediators.

Justin McDonald  - The Vicksburg High School DECA Chapter will be attending the 2018/19 Michigan DECA State Conference.  

Amy Dunn and Matt VanDussen - Amy Dunn and Matt VanDussen attended a RTI (Response to Intervention) Workshop through Solution Tree this fall.  RTI is an intervention strategy that ensures all students are receiving the time and assistance needed to learn at their full potential.  

Diana Haring, Kelly Christiansen, Susan Pepps and Terri Negri - Indian Lake will be adding a “Reading Room” with books, shelving, lamps, book bins and cozy seating.  The goal is to create a room that promotes leisure reading for individuals, partner reading, or small groups.

Sawyer Duncan  - A set of Heart Zone cardiac monitoring system was requested for use in Physical Education classes.  The heart rate monitoring will not only assist students learn accountability and goal setting, yet integrates technology into the Physical Educational classroom.

Sarah Phillips - Alternative seating for Sunset Lake Kindergarten classroom.  WOBBLE chairs, saucers, bean bag and Bungee chairs will provide her young students an opportunity to fulfill their work in a spot where they feel most comfortable and at their fullest potential.

Jill Barton and Don Puckett - Collaborative workstations and upright pivot stools were purchased as alternative seating choices in Mrs. Barton’s classroom.